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Fitness Photography

We are well known for our unique style of shooting and the efforts we go through, to show you at what you do best. Weather it is your fitness routine on stage, fitness modelling, or body building, we do it all for you.

We have traveled all over the country, shooting Fitness & body building events, including the Mr. Natural Universe,  the Ms. Fitness USA and Ms. Fitness Worlds competitions. We are the official photographer for Fitness Star International, Neutron Fitness & Sports Organization & Ms. Fitness USA & Ms. Fitness World.

It takes a keen sense of timing and anticipation to capture you at the peak of your pose or during your fitness routine. We understand how your muscles are developed and work. This plays a key role in showing you off in the right type of lighting.

We often work hand in hand with the lighting crews at the venues prior to competitions to make sure the lighting works the best for you.

Our images have been featured on covers & as inserts in, Fitness Star Magazine, Ms. Fitness magazine, Muscle Mag & Optimyz magazines to name a few. Athletes make money off of our images when they are used in magazine articles and conjunction with nutritional and supplement companies to help sell and promote their products.

For those special moments when you want to capture yourself at your peak of conditioning, or want to do something special for yourself, or update your profile we suggest you come to our fully equipped studio. Our studio lighting equipment allows us to create the right type of lighting to emphasize your physique and definition and show you off at your best.

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