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Sports Photography

We are well known for our sense of timing and choosing the right angles so that the lighting shows you at what you do best. Weather its: a fitness event, playing in a hockey tournament, running a marathon, participating in an ironman, to motorcycle jumping or an equestrian event, we will capture you in stride or in the heat of action.

It takes a keen sense of timing and anticipation to capture you at the peak a jump or to pick you out of a crowd of athletes. We understand lighting and how it can enhance the  image to make you stand out in the crowd.

We travel all over the country, shooting various sporting events. Athletes treasure the moments we capture as keep sakes to revisit for years to come.

For those special moments when you want to capture yourself when you are at your peak  of conditioning, we suggest you come to our fully equipped studio. Our lighting equipment allows us to create the right type of lighting to emphasize your physique and definition and show you off at your best.

Maybe you want to show off your horse or create a poster of you and your motorcycle.

We will look after your every need.

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